In modern life where we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, the air that we breathe can make a huge difference to our health, comfort and productivity - this is where Fläkt Woods can help!




Fläkt was established in 1918 in Jönköping, Sweden and became an undisputable leader for air technologies on air treatment, air diffusion, and air movement, with unrivalled products and systems.

Woods started in 1909 in Colchester, UK and bacame a worldwide leader for Air movement with axial fans technology.

Fläkt Woods Group formed in 2002. The new group has the capability to provide its customers with application specific solutions and unrivalled level of service. 

See our full history here. 

Picture: The Woods factory in Colchester produced the first Axial Aerofoil bladed fan range in the world.



  • Sales every year in 65 countries

  • 2 150 employees with 1700 in Europe, 200 in Asia and 250 in the US

  • 15 factories in 7 countries

  • Annual turnover 400 M€ worldwide

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Our Markets


  • Non-residential Buildings

  • Residential Buildings

  • Special Buildings, Marine, Oil & Gas

  • Industry, Tunnels & Metros

Our Value Proposition

AIR COMFORT - For people in buildings

Fläkt Woods has a strong heritage and reputation for supplying high quality energy efficient Air Technology products and system solutions. 

Find out more about our Air Comfort solutions.

FIRE SAFETY - For people, buildings and equipment

Tested and CE certified products to ensure people and buildings are protected with air management in case of fire.

Find out more about our Fire Safety solutions.

Our Offerings

FIVE air functions

Our offering covers five critical Air Functions of HVAC system in order to provide the best Air Comfort & Fire Safety environment. 

AIR MOVEMENT - All fans from Fläkt Woods are designed for general Air Movement, but we also offer high temperature fans that protect people and property in case of fire.

AIR TREATMENT- Air Handling Units treat the air in order to provide good indoor air quality and comfort. This means cleaning, heating and cooling the air and sometimes providing humidity control. By integrating the finest energy recovery systems together with the most efficient fans and motors with smart controls we achieve that with the lowest energy cost.

AIR MANAGEMENT - Optivent products offers high performances for the Demand Controlled Ventilation features and IRIS Original enables easy air management for commissioning and balancing.
CE marked dampers for fire safety complete the range.

AIR DIFFUSION - Air Diffusers (variable or passive) and chilled beams are designed to ensure high quality indoor comfort (noise, air velocity) while providing advanced functionalities. 

AIR DISTRIBUTION - Veloduct is a complete range of round ducting for best-in-class tightness. Veloduct is CE-marked certified also for fire safety. 

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Fläkt Woods' e3 solutions always answer to our customers' (designers, installers, property owners/end users) specific needs for Air comfort or Fire safety :


  • Protecting our Environment with air and air-water based solutions, rather than refrigerant. This is the area where we provide with innovative solutions.

Economical and Energy efficient (see Energy-efficiency for more details)

  • By using world class Components, Products & Controls, enabling Consultants to design systems with reduced size of chillers, boilers & pipe-work.
  • Economical solutions designed to provide best possible Life Cycle Cost with more Value for Money for End-users.
  • Economical Solutions which lower Capital Costs for Installers and facilitate Installation and Service support.

Expertise on customer application

The e3 logotype is a Fläkt Woods registered trademark.



The Fläkt Woods brand stands for high-quality products, systems and components in the HVAC industry in Europe and Asia.

Caryaire in India is a nationally recognized leading player in air treatment products since more than five decades in building & process industries. A part of Fläkt Woods Group since 2009.

Iloxair in Finland markets a range of energy recovery units and is one of the leading players in the multiple dwelling and light commercial buildings segment. In 2012 Fläkt Woods Oy became a significant shareholder of Iloxair.

Semco in United States is known for its innovative products for energy recovery systems, air treatment and sound attenuating products. Fläkt Woods acquired SEMCO in 2007. The SEMCO products are marketed in the US and in Asia.

Climate Consult in Denmark is a leading player in Air Comfort & Fire Safety. In 2014 Fläkt Woods became a significant shareholder of Climate Consult. 

Energy Efficiency


Following the Kyoto protocol the European Union has set a target to reduce energy consumption. For buildings the target is set at a 20% reduction by 2020.
The 160 million buildings in the EU use over 40% of Europe’s energy and create over 40% of its carbon dioxide emissions. And unfortunately that proportion is increasing. Therefore the Commission of the European Union has issued The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Reducing the energy use of buildings without compromising the indoor environment and services is the key challenge for Europe.

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The Fläkt Woods products and components are designed, manufactured, and tested to international quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Our commercial and technical sales support teams are there to assist in choosing the right products, and meeting certification targets according to LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and HQE standards, among others.

The technical performance meet or exceed the Eurovent standards and Fläkt Woods is a member of AMCA.

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Our code of business ethics

Our policy on how we operate in Fläkt Woods has always been clear: ‘We do not compromise on integrity and nothing is more important than compliance with competition law’.

In today’s complex world, the right course of action is not always obvious and because Fläkt Woods is a diverse group with several cultures, with more than 25 legal entities with 2.150 employees and 90 Managers, we have developed a code of business ethics. This code, does not only cover compliance with competition law, but also provides guidelines and common understandings as to the way we want to conduct our business with our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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Fläkt Woods takes seriously the potential impact of its activities on its customers, suppliers, employees, local communities and the general environment. Our policies relating to these important issues are contained within the Group's Corporate Responsibility Policy document.

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At Fläkt Woods you would join an environment which encourages the development of its employees. We strive to be an employer of choice and highly value the expertise that our teams and colleagues bring to the business.  

Across the Group we provide an environment where you can deepen your knowledge, hone your skills and boost your confidence. We have an established Leadership Programme and the Fläkt Woods 'Academy of Excellence' provides accessible bite sized e-learning to a global audience.

If you are willing to be part of our global community, please send your cv to

Business structure 

Our philosophy is to be very close to our customers while leveraging synergies across the Group. Consequently our business structure is around 3 Divisions organized by geographies:

  • Air comfort & Fire safety Europe (AFE): est 330m€ TO and 1700 talents.
  • Air comfort & Fire safety Asia (AFA): est 35m€ TO and 200 talents.
  • Air comfort US (ACU): est 35m€ TO and 250 talents.

Each Division is self-contained with full responsibility for sales & marketing, Operations as well as support functions.


The management of the Group consists of around 90 managers with 20 nationalities located in Europe, Asia and the United States. Most of them have Sales Units responsibilities in given countries. 

The headquarters are located in Geneva (Switzerland) where the following executives are located:

Didier ForgetCEO  

Stephen Carr, CFO

Patrick Pouliquen, SVP - Business units Air Comfort & Fire Safety Europe

Martin Idbrant, SVP - Sales Units Air Comfort & Fire Safety Europe

Fläkt Woods Group SA
18, avenue Louis Casaï
CH-1209 Geneva

Tel: +41 22 309 3800



For media enquiries, please contact:

Ola Skoglund
Communications Manager
Air Comfort & Fire Safety Europe, Fläkt Woods Group
tel +46 (0)8 626 49 03

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