Since 2010, Schneider Electric and Fläkt Woods have collaborated to produce innovative concepts for hospitals in the European market. One of our projects has resulted in a new healthcare solution focusing on smart control of airflows to dramatically reduce the infection risk in operating theatres and increase productivity.

Schneider Electric and Fläkt Woods have shared research and development resources for three years with the goal to develop intelligent, user-friendly and complete solutions for Operating Theatres.

- “Operating Theatres must be very efficient and at the same time never jeopardise patient safety. Antibiotics must be avoided as far as possible due to risk of resistance development and for cost reasons. On top of that the hygienic requirements have never been higher. Today Operating theatres are running for around 14 hours per day, seven days per week. This puts high pressure on hygiene and air quality. Both patients and staff must be protected from airborne infections and this is where the ventilation system plays a key role”, says Mattias Frediksson, Business Development Manager at Schneider Electric.

The advanced solution for Operating Theatres that Schneider Electrics and Fläkt Woods offer includes:

  • DIF-OT operating ceiling with laminar airflow for constant and efficient filtration of air supply to the operating area (ISO4 clean room classification).
  • eQ Master Air Handling Units with HEPA filter and Econet energy recovery solution in a closed circuit run around coil system to exclude cross contamination (other configurations possible).
  • DEC exhaust air grilles (ISO5 clean room classification) for laminar or turbulent air flows. Clean room control panel in the operating theatre including connection to the hospital building management system (BMS) for full control and traceability.

In the collaboration, Schneider Electric has contributed with its expertise within control of critical systems and Fläkt Woods with its advanced air treatment solutions. From a customer perspective, the close collaboration reduces the number of people involved for installation and maintenance, which frees more resources for other customer’s activities.

- “On top of the reduction of infection risk for employees and patients, our system for air flow controls increases the efficiency. As an example we have noticed reduced time of up to five minutes per operation due to simplified use, preparation and increased flexibility. The Operating Theater staff should not be air filtration experts to do their job. Our system gives the staff all possibilities to solely focus on the patient “ says Céline Jeandenant, Product Manager Hygiene Fläkt Woods.

The solution is developed to match the strictest standards for allowed number of particles /CFU’s (ISO 14644-1) and can be installed quickly. The whole Operating Theatre can be controlled and maintained from a touch screen control panel. Every operation requires specific requirements regarding air flows, temperature, gases, etc., and due to the number of pre-set scenarios the controls of the Operating Theatre is simplified and hence operation lead times. When the Operating Theatre is not in use it is set in stand-by mode to reduce the energy consumption.

At the Fläkt Woods ”Center of Excellence” in Jönköping we have a Showroom with full installation demonstrating the proposed solution where customers are welcome to learn more about the Schneider Electrics and Fläkt Woods solution for Operating Theatres.


For further information please contact:

Céline Jeandenant
Product Manager Hygiene, Fläkt Woods Group
Tel: +33 6 30 48 38 86

Torsten Sondergaard
Business Development and Corporate Communications Director
Tel: +41 22 309 3808