Fläkt Woods air handling units were installed in Ülemiste tunnel (Tallinn, Estonia)

Ülemiste tunnel is a road tunnel in Tallinn. It connects Peterburi road with Järvevana road. Tunnel is 320 meters long. It's the only road tunnel in Estonia of its kind.

Fläkt Woods air handling units installed in Ülemiste tunnel.The large-scale construction project was made more complicated by the high water table in the vicinity of Lake Ülemiste and the fact that work took place in an area with heavy traffic flow, an operating train service and live utility lines. The tunnel construction required constant work in a high water-table zone and the deepest part was 16 metres below the surface of Lake Ülemiste. The second important part of the junction is the 150-metre overpass that routes the flow of traffic from Peterburi road over Tartu highway to Järvevana road. Each direction of traffic uses a separate span structure. The bridge was erected on variable height reinforced concrete beams with a rectangular cross-section, with post-tension reinforcement.