New version of Fläkt Woods mobile application now available

Fläkt Woods continuous to develop on successful application for k-factor and pressure/flow calculations.The mobile application is available in Swedish, English and Polish and enables quick calculation on site, without the need of additional documentation. New products have been added and bugs have been fixed.

Fläkt Woods mobile app for k-factorsFläkt Woods expands the three versions of the application and you can now even easily calculate k-factors for WEGA, WEGA POWER, IQFC and IQTB chilled beams. And bugs in the k-factor calculations for EQ and LQ fans are rectified.

For the Swedish application, also HPKB and HPKB+ATTC diffusers have been added. And for the Polish version the new adjustable swirl diffuser ODZA is now available.

k-factors are available for all variants and sizes of Fläkt Woods Air Terminal Devices, Air Management, Air Distribution, Chilled Beams and Air Handling Unit Fans. You will also find a locator to our offices including GPS functionality - enabling easy contact with sales support.

The application is available for download on both the iPhone/iPad and Android platforms via Apple Store and Android Market.

For more information, please contact:

Paul Ellison
Business IM Manager
Fläkt Woods ACS
Tel: +46 36 19 34 65

Torsten Sondergaard
Business Development and Communications Director
Fläkt Woods Group SA
Tel: +41 22 309 3808