Fläkt Woods provides ventilation equipment for Skanska's new head office Entré Lindhagen

When Entré Lindhagen in Stockholm, Sweden, is completed, it will be one of Scandinavia's most environmentally friendly office buildings. The project aims to obtain LEED Platinum. It will also meet the requirements for GreenBuilding and Miljöbyggnad.

50% less energy consumption

Fläkt Woods delivers ventilation to Skanska Entré LindhagenEnergy consumption is expected to be at least 50 percent lower than current Swedish building code and several solutions are installed to reduce carbon emissions.

Some more examples of green solutions at Entré Lindhagen are:

  • Deep Green Cooling, an geoenergy solution.
  • Lighting similar to daylight with energy efficient control.
  • Lifts recycling braking energy.
  • Energy efficient windows that allow maximum light without letting in cold or heat.
  • Water-absorbing sedum roof.

Energy efficient Air Handling Units with Permanent Magnet (PM) motors resulting in low energy consumption without compromising air quality.

The system comprises of 8 Fläkt Woods eQL type Air Handling Units with total air flow of 110 m 3/s (396 000 m3/h). All units are equipped with Permanent Magnet (PM) motors and has extremely high heat recovery (up to 85%) for less energy consumption.

Fläkt Woods’ highly adaptable Air Handling Units offer a range of individual features, including energy efficient components and a flexible design. By combining everything into one system, the Company has achieved the best energy solutions possible.

Fläkt Woods also delivered all circular ventilation ducts and fittings, more than 1600 Air Terminal Devices (diffusers, grilles, air valves), 500 IRIS dampers and about 100 Fire dampers.

Project details

Buildings: 3
Total area: 55 000 m2
Floors: 9

Selected products


Good looking, silent and draught free diffusers with the best plenum box on the market. Many model alternatives and colours according to the architect’s choice.

The ideal air flow regulation and measuring device for circular ducts. It comes in a wide range of sizes and is economical and fast to install. Maintenance is uniquely simple.

Fire dampers
Fläkt Woods's fire and smoke dampers are reliable and thoroughly tested, all have type approval with CE-marking.

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