Qatar training seminar succesfully completed

As part of our commitment to development and investment in training, Fläkt Woods has carried out the first major training seminar for ASHRAE, Qatar Oryx Chapter on 16 February 2013.

The seminar focussed on the requirements and demands of designing Car Park ventilation systems to the Qatar Civil Defence Dept. code, FSS72.

Mr James Allen, Fläkt Woods Senior CFD and Fire Engineer conducted the seminar, which was split into two presentations. Firstly, methods and calculations used in designing a Smoke Control system, then followed by using CFD Analysis to provide a working compliant solution.

The seminar was extremely well attended, with close to 200 delegates from the industry giving up their personal time to be part of the first of many training seminars. Also presenting at the seminar as a guest of Fläkt Woods was Advanced Smoke Group, who introduced their new product & technology, the Door Proximity Sensor which provides greater control for Pressurisation Systems.

Jamie Slowgrove, Regional Sales Manager for Qatar commented: "This seminar was the first of many Technical seminars from Fläkt Woods which will be carried out for the Qatar market over the coming months. It is important to us that we share our knowledge of systems and products in an effort to raise the industry standards. The Qatar market represents huge potential for us, and in partnership with our local agent Central Airconditioning and Trading, we will ensure we provide the high standard of support that our customers expect from us." Fläkt Woods would like to extend our thanks to ASHRAE and all those who attended this seminar.

A Technical Paper will be published to explain the various aspects of designing a Smoke Control system, to register for this paper, please contact: