Ventilation Running Costs: Down by 24%

An aerodynamic revolution is upon us. Using advanced design tools we have created a new Fläkt Woods Axial fan which delivers significant running cost and CO2 reduction benefits, helping us all to keep energy usage and carbon emissions down. 

With over a century of fan design and manufacturing expertise Fläkt Woods are proud to announce the release of the next generation of Axial Fans: JMv Aerofoil Axial Flow Fan.

The innovative design of our new JMv fan delivers significant Carbon Dioxide reduction benefits, which are designed to lessen its climate change impact. If our JMv fans are run continuously (8736 hours per year), then they can save nearly 6 tonnes of carbon per year (when compared with our JM product). To put this into a real everyday context, this equates to the same amount of carbon emitted by driving 22,070 km by car or flying 3,951 km by air. And that is not all. As JMv is a much more efficient product, running cost savings are significantly reduced (down by 24%), whilst payback times are typically 1 year (when comparing JM with JMv).

At Fläkt Woods, we continuously strive to be innovative and responsive to customer needs. With this in mind, we have developed a completely new Axial fan product, utilising our engineering expertise and advanced design tools, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling, we have designed a radically new product, which addresses the pressing need to minimise climate change impact, whilst maximising energy saving potential.

We are therefore proud to announce that our new JMv product is now available to select via our Fan Selector software, as from today, 23rd April.

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