Demand control ventilation and cooling efficiency improved by over 30% without draught

Demand controlled ventilation is the cornerstone of a modern, energy efficient ventilation system. Fläkt Woods is the first to introduce a diffuser with a display for ease of throw adjustment and with constant throw regardless of variation in the airflow rate.

Cooling efficiency up by over 30%

With Optimix the cooling efficiency is improved by 30%.Constant and controlled throw enables increased cooling efficiency. With a broad throw pattern that spreads out in a room in a controlled manner, an increase in the cooling effect will not lead to an uneven distribution of cold air and, consequently a draught.

Conventionally, cooling with air has produced cooling effects up to approximately 70 W/m². With Optimix, the cooling effect can be increased to over 100 W/m² without draught.

Optimix 2 in 1

Our active Optimix diffuser has 2 in 1 options: Optimix L02 and Optimix VAV. By using a screwdriver it is easy to select which one is required.

Optimix L02 keeps constant throw regardless of variation in the airflow rate. Choosing an Optimix L02 when required enables you to have a draught free indoor climate, it also enables you to have an air pattern with variable airflow, which makes it possible to have a greater cooling effect. When using the VAV system it has a large variance in airflow or supply air temperature that is much smaller than the temperature of the room therefore the risk of the draught is avoided by using the Optimix L02.

Optimix VAV functions are a variable air volume diffuser. Minimum and maximum airflow adjustment is quick and easy. Display panel help to make correct and accurate adjustment. Choose Optimix VAV when there is a need for a smaller airflow variance and temperature difference.

A silent choice

Optimix is a member of the Silent Choice family of Fläkt Woods products. These are products with optimised acoustic performance, designed with quiet operation as one of the key objectives. The lack of noise is due to improved management of airflows and throw. Another important factor is that the plenum box is equipped with air deflectors that ensure an even distribution of air as well as highly efficient sound attenuation.

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