Our Offerings


Our offering covers five critical Air Functions of HVAC system in order to provide the best Air Comfort & Fire Safety environment. 

AIR MOVEMENT - All fans from Fläkt Woods are designed for general Air Movement, but we also offer high temperature fans that protect people and property in case of fire.

AIR TREATMENT- Air Handling Units treat the air in order to provide good indoor air quality and comfort. This means cleaning, heating and cooling the air and sometimes providing humidity control. By integrating the finest energy recovery systems together with the most efficient fans and motors with smart controls we achieve that with the lowest energy cost.

AIR MANAGEMENT - Optivent products offers high performances for the Demand Controlled Ventilation features and IRIS Original enables easy air management for commissioning and balancing.
CE marked dampers for fire safety complete the range.

AIR DIFFUSION - Air Diffusers (variable or passive) and chilled beams are designed to ensure high quality indoor comfort (noise, air velocity) while providing advanced functionalities. 

AIR DISTRIBUTION - Veloduct is a complete range of round ducting for best-in-class tightness. Veloduct is CE-marked certified also for fire safety. 

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