Air quality solutions

A good air quality has a direct impact on people's health, productivity and comfort. The quality of the air is determined in the first instance by the supply of  outdoor air secondly by the filtration quality and lastly by air transfer principle. On premises where people and electrical appliances are the primary sources of pollution, removal of odour is the primary selection requirement. To achieve good air quality, you normally need a greater air flow than that prescribed by the construction rules of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning: therefore in order to achieve good air quality flows of up to 15-20 l/s are not uncommon.

Simply removing outdoor pollutants and providing sufficient ventilation to keep CO2 levels low goes a long way towards creating a high Air Quality environment. To this end Fläkt Woods offer state of the art Air Handling Units providing right air flow with optimized solutions for energy saving and indoor comfort.

Ensuring best Air Quality is at the cornerstone of Fläkt Woods' concerns and we offer several solutions to help improve air quality of your facility.