Ventilation solutions for open plan offices


Offices are built for people and the quality of ventilation in the indoor environment will affect their health, comfort and productivity.

Open plan offices have highly fluctuating occupancy levels and are seldom at full capacity. Ventilation has to be managed to minimise cost and optimise efficiency.


Use: Medium density occupancy with low level partitioning within medium to large space
Room area: 50 m2
Number of persons: 4-20
Ventilation requirement: Normal



Chilled beams provide ventilation, cooling/or heating. Working on the principle of induction to drive fresh air across heat exchanger coils, are the most efficient form of cooling with high comfort levels.

With cooling load distributed approximately 25%-75% between air and water, the highest proportion of the load is carried by water with 4 times higher cooling capacity than water, accounting for the highly efficient system.

Occupancy levels are rarely at 100% hence over cooling is the common complaint with CAV chilled beams systems operating on proximity sensing.

Ventilation levels in Open Plan office areas need to be turned down to match occupancy levels. VAV chilled beams with simple CO2 sensing would provide the required demand control at highest comfort levels.


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