Ventilation solutions for operating theatres

Clean hospitals rely on well designed HVAC systems. 


HVAC systems for hospital and healthcare facilities have special requirements because of the susceptibility of patients to infection. Heating and ventilation systems play an important part in providing a clean, safe and comfortable environment for recovery.


Use: UCV Operating Theatre, typically Orthopaedic procedures.
Room: 45 m2


The solution for operating theatres from Fläkt Woods is the DIF-OT system typically comprises:

1. eQ Master with 3 Ångstrom Thermal wheel for dedicated total energy recovery Air Treatment provides.

  • Patient health and safety will be maximized - 3 Ångstrom molecular sieve coating has the unique ability to transfer moisture (dehumidify outdoor air) without transferring a significant amount of airborne chemical or biological contaminants
  • Total energy recovery making 100% outdoor air systems feasible, reduces operating and installation costs whilst simplifying humidity control.

2. DIF-OT Hepa Filter Laminar Flow Canopy and DEC Exhaust Grilles for ultra clean ventilation to protect the patient. Latest screen less system with variable flow velocity canopy ideal for high demand Hybrid theatre application.

3. Surgery room system control Panel for HVAC control and quick turn around


  • Zone contamination control, delivering highest level to the patient
  • Efficient anaesthetic gas removal
  • Easily cleanable and highly maintainable with fast particle decontamination enabling Fast cleaning and readjustment between operations
  • Comfort working conditions for the surgical staff
  • Real time over pressure monitoring for effective contamination control
  • Optimised to save energy


Proper ventilation rates combined with effective filtration play a key role in infection control by minimizing airborne bacteria and viruses.

  • Outdoor air change rates have the greatest impact on odour build-up within the hospital spaces (dilution ventilation) – this impacts patient well-being and the perception of a healthy environment which cannot be addressed by filtration alone.
  • Proper humidity control in both cooling and heating is required to minimize reinfection, support the surgical process and to ensure patient comfort.
  • Keeping final filters dry is essential for avoiding a potential microbial amplification site
  • Medical facilities wish to use valuable funds to heal the sick and not on unnecessarily high utility bills.


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Reference case:
Hybrid operating theatre in eksjö, sweden

The Eksjö Höglandssjukhuset Hospital project was a very successful UCV system implementation with the DIF-OT optimized velocity laminar flow HEPA filter. Continuous close collaboration with end users contributed to the success of the project.

When validating the system the validation manager Lars Jansson expressed with satisfaction “It’s the best OT I ever measured”. This is a testament of the quality of the Fläkt Woods products and our ability to integrate our systems into critical environments where safety, performance and economy go hand in hand.

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