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Enclosed and underground car parks are in need of ventilation to prevent the dangerous build-up of pollutants or mitigate the risks of smoke during a fire. Where sufficient natural ventilation cannot be achieved, mechanical ventilation is required. It is important to provide systems that are energy efficient, discrete and that conform to stringent regulation for fire safety operation.


Fläkt Woods can offer the largest range of Jet Thrust products, allowing selection of low noise units, low and ultra-low profile, or high thrust units which can be selected to provide the most effective, efficient airflow within the car park.


To ensure that the car park system operates exactly as designed, Fläkt Woods offers a complete turn-key package in selected markets: Well-engineered ventilation products are a given, however added to this are controls, detection, wiring, installation and commissioning to complete the package. The full extent of our offer can be tailored to meet the needs of the project.

This allows the contractor a single point of contact; simplifying the supply chain and adding further confidence in this life safety system.


All our designs are backed-up and verified by Computational Fluid Dynamics [or CFD Analysis for short] utilising industry recognised, highly accurate CFD Software provided by leading developers in the field.

Further verification is also provided once fans are installed by means of smoke tests on site which show the correlation between the CFD Analysis predictions and the on-site conditions. This ensures system sign-off with the approving authorities.


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The Fläkt Woods Thrust Fan system is one of the most efficient and cost effective car park systems available on the market today. 

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