Being environmentally aware usually has its tolls. To put it plainly; it’s mostly the more expensive alternative.

But not anymore, and that’s the beauty of our e3 concept. We offer products and complete systems that will give you excellent indoor air quality, and you will still save both the environment and your money.

High-performing components are an obvious starting point. With over one hundred years of experience that is what our customers have come to expect from us over the years.

Utilizing the latest technology to create smart solutions is achieved through experience coupled with massive R&D investments. Being a large global player we have got what it takes. But it is by combining products into a system, utilizing smart controls, one can achieve the best energy solutions.

This strategy requires that the systems and individual components are designed together. It takes thorough knowledge of the individual products impact on each other and the ultimate combined effect.

Luckily, Fläkt Woods develop and produce components as well as design systems. That's why we can combine the parts into harmonic overall solutions.

The e3 logotype is a Fläkt Woods registered trademark.

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