Ventilation for Pharmaceutical Industry

Specialised solutions for the high demands of clean environments and pharmaceutical applications

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Pharma producers have to consider the highest hygienical demands, cleanliness levels and germfree environments to run their entire processes. Full air-conditioning and sensitive filtering of enormous airvolumes are necessary to meet these demands and to follow international regulations like FDA and GMP-guidelines.

Our offer

We offer technologies for/to...

  • recover heat and cooling energy
  • secure air filtration
  • reduce particles
  • control contamination and
  • treat and transport air considering lowest life cycle costs and highest hygienic demands.

By supporting the consultants and end-users from the early stages through to the detailed engineering phases we help create feasible solutions. Performance of HVAC-systems and design points are being simulated and calculated with our LCC/Selection and Simulation software.

All products offered to Pharma/Biotech applications perform to the latest technological standards according to hygienic demands and cleanliness.

Full scale tests and performance approvals are conducted at the client's facilities during pilot installations as part of our technical service.

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