eQ™ Air Handling Unit

The future of ventilation available today!

eQ is our new flexible air handling unit, providing with new solutions that have not been on the market before. The smart casing design, the energy efficient components and the flexible design make the eQ air handling unit cost effective, and the possibility to combine single deck casing with a double deck casing makes the unit very flexible.

eQ is availble in 21 sizes with an air flow from 0.1 m3/s to 12.5 m3/s.
The range covers most imaginable requirements, from simple applications to integrated solutions. The length of the unit is determined by the components. The air handling unit is very easy to install and maintain. eQ is produced in factories that are quality approved by ISO 9001 and environmental apporoved according to ISO 14001. eQ is certified by Eurovent.

eQL Air Handling Unit
eQL (Large eQ) is availble in 8 sizes with an air flow from 8,0 m3/s to 30,2 m3/s.

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