EU Air Handling Unit

Marine EUMM is a stable, high performance air handling unit with a large variety of different functional sections from damper, air filter, heat exchanger, fan, cooling and heating coils, dehumidifier to smoke dampers.

The EU is a modern, high-specification air handling unit with all of the functional sections needed to meet virtually any air handling requirement.

The sturdy frame members and solid aluminium corner pieces form a very stable framework which is well suited to the full range of sizes. All of the functional components are made by us and conform to current standards and relevant guidelines.

Product description
Airflow range: 1.0 m3/s to 6.2 m3/s
The quality of the EU
unit is characterized by:

  • Sturdy framework with box-section steel frame members
  • Strong coner pieces in composite material
  • 50 mm thick double-skin, rigid sheet, mineral wool insulation
  • Fully enclosed panels
  • Fully demountable casing
  • Multi-section blocks to reduce site assembly time
  • Stainless steel casing available as a standard

    Painted casing available as an option


ControlMaster, the complete solution

Controls for marine AHU is a complete control system for marine air handling unit. The control equipment can be delivered either as an integrated part or as a separate control panel. FWG has long experience of designing control system for various control system for cruise liners.

The control system are suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from ferries and cruise liners ships all over the world for different weather conditions.

FWG is familiar with ABS, DNV, Lloyd’’s etc

Product description
AHU range: Cover all marine functions
Basic functions:

  • Temperature control
  • Variable fan speed drive
  • Air quality control
  • Fire functions
  • Heat recovery functions
  • Communication via LON, OPC and others

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