Smoke extract fans

Smoke Angel Pressurisation System Helping you escape safely!

Smoke Angel

And left to its own devices, hot toxic smoke can quickly spread and fill a buildings escape routes and
trapped people will be unable to breathe or see.
It may be the flames we fear, but more often than not, it’s the smoke that kills.

It can quickly spread into escape corridors, lobbies and staircases in residential and commercial
buildings rendering escape by those routes difficult if not impossible.

That’s why smoke control plays a key role in fire safety and one of the principle life saving solutions is…


The only accepted method of smoke control where the objective is to prevent smoke entering the
escape routes in the first place creating a pressure differential to prevent smoke spread as opposed to
naturally ventilating or mechanically extracting smoke from the escape routes and protected spaces.

If the protected spaces stay clear of smoke for occupants to escape, fire service access is enhanced.

Pressurisation is used worldwide as an active form of smoke control which can be applied to all building
height although most commonly used on buildings over 8 to 10 storey’s where natural ventilation
systems for many reasons are unreliable.

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