Air Terminal Devices and Chilled Beams

Fläkt Woods computer-aided selection program offers rapid product selection to specific project requirement.


ExSelAir® is Fläkt Woods’ selection tool for:

  • Air Terminal Devices
  • Chilled Beams
  • Convectors
  • Fan coils
  • Silencers

In the selection tool you will find 3D-models of all products, product performance calculations, technical catalogues, product dimensioning in a room, 3D-presentations of flow patterns, and directions for installation, adjustment and maintenance. ExSelAir® is also available through the MagiCad plugin (see below).

Link to ExSelAir®


Activent is a ventilation system for supplying and distributing air. Small air jets from the ducts mix with room air through induction. Under temperature air can be supplied without causing draughts.
Link to Activent (Please note that it is only available for 32 bit operating systems).

Plugins for MagiCAD

Plugins are used for connecting Fläkt Woods product selection and calculation software with MagiCAD and thereby selections becomes faster, easier and more accurate. When you have selected a product, you can import and place it in the MagiCAD model as any other intelligent MagiCAD object. Information about dimensions and technical data is included in the product model.

The plugin enables the users to find Air terminal devices, Chilled beams and Air handling units. The plugins are available for AutoCad and Revit.

Via MagiCAD plugins offer Fläkt Woods an opportunity to make it easier and more productive for designers to choose among our products. The Plugin is available for all MagiCAD users worldwide and free of charge.

External link to MagiCAD

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