JM Aerofoil®

JM aerofoil impellers are high-pressure die cast of aluminum and consist of blades, hub and clamp plate. The JM impeller is manually adjustable through the full range of pitch angles. All impeller components are X-rayed using real time radiography, and examined to ASTM E-155, prior to machining to assure casting integrity and quality. Impellers are precision balanced as a fan assembly to minimize vibration levels and assure smooth operation.



The adjustable pitch Aerofoil® impeller gives the exact performance required, with a non overloading fan characteristic.
e3 line A range of axial flow fans are compatible with the FWX range of inverter drives – thereby offering a complete energy package


  • Volumes to 425,000 CFM, Pressures to 10.5" WG
  • Compact, Low Cost , High Efficiency, Rugged Design
  • Twenty-one sizes from 315mm to 3150mm diameter
  • Adjustable Pitch Impeller
  • Available in Belt Drive or Direct Drive

General information

  • 315-1600 mm Æ
  • 65 m3/s
  • Static pressure up to 1900 Pa
  • Energy saving options with IE2 motors
  • Compatible with FWX range of Inverter drives
  • New Twist Wing option available (enquire for more information)
  • 800mm up to 2900 rpm; 1400mm up to 1450 rpm and 1600mm up to 960 rpm
  • Fully adjustable die cast aluminium impellers; X-ray inspection
  • Designed to accept the new IEC 60034-30 International Standard IE2 – IE3 standard
  • Long and short mild steel casing variants - hot dipped galvanised after manufacture or stainless steel
  • Tested to ISO 5801
  • Motor protection IP55
  • High energy efficiency - AMCA Certified
  • Low installed noise levels
  • Multiple blade configurations for optimum performance to duty
  • Multi-stage available for higher pressure development
  • Bifurcated variants for continuous operation up to 200°C
  • Explosion proof options in
    accordance with ATEX directive
  • Larger sizes available

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