Fläkt Woods products and solutions are installed in more than 500 hospitals in 22 countries. Our long experience from supplying ventilation solutions to environments with focus on safety, comfort and life cycle cost makes us a safe choice for critical environments.


Hybrid Operating Theater, Sweden

Höglandssjukhuset in Eksjö, Sweden

The Eksjö Höglandssjukhuset Hospital project was a very successful UCV system implementation with the DIF-OT optimized velocity laminar flow HEPA filter. Continuous close collaboration with end users contributed to the success of the project.

Hyrbrid Operating Theaters are a new concept and becoming increasingly popular synergizing technology, best practices and human behavior.

Delivering a UCV theatre to the highest standard is a reference Fläkt Woods is proud of and look forward to supporting the client in future projects, as well as using this implementation as a best practice when working with similar projects for other clients.

Floyd Medical Centre, USA

Floyd Medical Centre, USA

The unyielding demands for accurate dew point, humidity, and temperature control in surgical suites creates a challenge for any engineer aspiring to deliver efficiency and optimum space conditions. It’s a challenge that the Phoenix Design Group has faced many times since hospital work constitutes approximately 90% of the firm’s business.

Customer: Floyd Medical Center in Georgia, USA
Need: Energy Efficient Ventilation System that could maintain 62°F at a relative humidity of 45%.
Solution: Pinnacle® primary ventilation system with integral energy recovery.

Akershus University Hospital, Norway

Akershus University Hospital, Norway

Fläkt Woods has delivered energy efficient air handling units worth €2.5 million to the University Hospital near Oslo in Norway.

Customer: Akershus University Hospitalin Oslo, Norway.
Need: An energy efficient and cost effective solution for air handling.
Solution: 141 EU Air Handling Units. 106 of the units are in the hygienic layout and with casing air leakage class B.